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What’s happening in the property market right now? Should I buy and sell in 2024?

With so many various media headlines grabbing our attention, it can be hard to cut through the noise. 

We recognise that the property market can be hyper-local meaning what can be happening in the South West region, parts of Bristol and Nationally isn’t necessarily always the same for your local area. So what is happening in YOUR area …. Should you buy and sell in 2024 and what advise can we share…

Here is what we are finding at Blue Sky Property. 
Clare Ball (your local Sales Manager here at Blue Sky Property, Longwell Green) took time between her valuations & viewings to give me her view down on the ground here in your Local Area …. 

“2023 has certainly been a very interesting year, very different to the whirlwind market of the past few years but even though transaction levels have been lower (due to the economy and property prices have been challenging), what’s key to highlight is that attractively priced properties are successfully selling.
Heading into 2024 our advice to both buyers and sellers is to be realistic with expectations.  Vendors/sellers should take early interest seriously, the good offer you have may not come again!
The home buying process has undergone a change, making it a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience for all buyers.

Gone are the days of overwhelming frantic competition and overwhelming pressure competeting on a property. Now, you can take your time, explore different options, and truly savor the journey of finding your dream home. Let's be honest making one of the most significant decisions of your life without feeling rushed is a much more enjoyable experience!

Unlike the hectic scenes of previous years, where buyers found themselves in a race against masses of competitors, today's process is more relaxed and enjoyable experience. 

At Blue Sky Property, our Team are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your home buying or selling experience is not just successful but also a joyful adventure.  Happy house hunting!”

From Rightmove latest House Price Index (the largest monthly sample of residential property prices and housing market activity) it explains how more new sellers are heeding their agents’s advice to price competitively. Echoing what we advise.   

“…Rightmove’s research and agent feedback is that the best strategy to sell in the current market is to price temptingly at the outset of marketing, rather than testing the waters with a higher price. This will hopefully avoid the need to reduce your asking price later, and capture that early-bird buyer’s interest in the New Year, whilst also avoiding the stress of drawing out the selling process and risking having the for-sale board still up at Easter.”
Tim Bannister Rightmove’s Director of Property Science
Agent’s Views

Their latest report also shows early signs of increased activity in the mid- market sector for signs of family movers returning as market stabilises. 

You can read their full report here 

If you really want to move in the New Year or are considering a move but would like to understand the process involved we are here to help along with providing you with a free valuation of your property. Please call us on 0117 932 9165.
Alternatively, if you are contacting us during the festive period when we are close you can book a Valuation Request via this link here